What We Do

“Our mission is to bring riders the best instruction and advice available, wherever you are in the world”

What is video coaching?

Have you ever…

-Been completely confused by so much well intended advice from horsey friends?

-Wished you could get advice from an Olympic rider?

-Wondered what comments an international dressage judge would have on your test?

-Wanted advice on bitting and saddle fit from an international expert?

-Wished you could get advice from a specialist veterinarian to help your horse?

There are probably lots of questions you would love to have answered by world renowned experts in their equestrian field to help you and give your horses (competitive) career a boost.

Through the magic of the internet you can now connect with some of the best Equestrian coaches from around the world. Our experts are here to help you with every aspect of your ridden career, no matter what your discipline.

All you need to do is pick your expert from our team, fill out an easy online form, attach a video of your horse being ridden, and upload!! Your information and your footage will remain strictly confidential and only be seen by your selected expert and you.

You will receive a personal written assessment from your chosen expert with their findings and advice. Also the team at the Equine Sport Academy will be here for you to help you achieve your equestrian goals!

We can’t wait to hear from you to start our journey together!

Yours in Sport,
Tamar Van Wezel
Scott Rawson
Equine Sport Academy

We bring you in touch with top quality instructors from all around the Netherlands.

Choose from veterinary advice or riding instruction, and follow our guide to make a great video. Once you submit a video we treat it as strictly confidential. The video will only be assessed by your chosen expert. However, occasionally we may feel a different member of our team would be more suitable to help you. As such we may suggest a change, however the final decision always rests with you.

The more information you can provide us with the more you will get from the session. So please be generous when you fill out the form before submitting your videos. Please make sure you read our video guide before you start. Make sure you have a friend to help you, who is familiar with making videos.


We also feel that remote examination by our specialised veterinary surgeons can be of huge benefit*. This is especially true for unusual situations such as non specific lameness cases. Our vets are also available for any questions you may have regarding day to day care of your horse.

The report we will send you is designed to help you . The team at Equine Sport Academy will be here to answer any questions you may have and we will help you to move forward with your ridden work.

*This is an advisory service only, and diagnosis cannot be made over the internet.