Ellen van Gastel

Ellen van Gastel is a Grand Prix dressage rider and judge up to the small tour, she is much sought after as a trainer all over the Netherlands

Ellen is a dressage horse trainer and rides and shows several horses at Grand Prix level. She works internationally to help high level riders with all aspects of their dressage training.
She also is a dressage judge up to the Small Tour and so is an excellent choice for all riders who wish to improve their test scores!
Ellen also has her own company, specialized in providing dressage training and saddle fitting.

Ellen can offer advice and support on all aspects of dressage riding and you can also upload a video of your dressage test and Ellen will view it through a judges eyes and offer valuable feedback.

A wonderful opportunity to find an edge in your competitive career!

Saddle fitting has become a very busy part of Ellens business and a fitting match is very important and necessary for horse and rider! Ellen is available to check your saddle fit by video assessment, in addition to her dressage riding instruction.