Henk Offereins DMV MRCVS

Through his international sports medicine work, Henk has gained years of experience managing horses using remote assessment. His service has up to now only been available to select clients around the world. 

In 2016 Henk started Equine Athlete International as a platform for the total management for equine athletes worldwide. He also started Equinetendon.com to be able to offer worldwide tendon and soft tissue management services. This company currently has offices in Ireland, the UK, The Netherlands and South Africa. We are very excited to have him as a member of the team at Equine Sport Academy.

Henk is the dedicated and specialized performance veterinarian of many well known trainers, owners and sport horse teams around the world. Having access to the newest and most advanced medicine and technology such as the ground-breaking UTC tendon diagnostic system, Henk is a very good choice for fine-tuning the veterinary portfolio of your specialist equine athlete.

Henk is an expert in tendon injury rehab in horses and developed a unique protocol using the UTC imaging and the Equine Tendon support boot. This new approach has improved recovery times and outcomes for a large number of high performance horses around the world. He is the logical choice if you want to know more about tendon health. You can find out more about this at www.equinetendon.com

Many high performance riders turn to Henk to help manage their horses’ soundness and health through the season.